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JamFit Kids Dance Fitness Class

Ignite Your Child’s Passion for Dance and Fitness!

JamFit Kids is a dynamic and fun-filled dance fitness class designed especially for children aged 4-7. Our classes blend the excitement of hip hop dance with the benefits of fitness, providing a joyful and energetic environment where kids can thrive.

Class Highlights:

  • High-Energy Warm-Up: We kick off each class with a series of fun stretches and movements to get kids ready to dance.
  • Learn Hip Hop Moves: Our experienced instructors teach basic hip hop steps in an easy-to-follow and engaging manner.
  • Short Dance Routines: Children will learn and practice a short dance routine, building confidence and coordination.
  • Freestyle Dance: Kids have the chance to express themselves with freestyle dance, showcasing their unique style.
  • Interactive Games: We incorporate fun games like Freeze Dance to keep the energy high and make learning enjoyable.
  • Cool Down & Relaxation: Each class ends with gentle stretches and calming exercises to cool down.

Benefits of JamFit Kids:

  • Fitness & Health: Promotes physical activity and healthy habits from a young age.
  • Creative Expression: Encourages children to express themselves through movement and dance.
  • Social Skills: Helps kids make new friends and learn teamwork.
  • Confidence Building: Boosts self-esteem as children master new dance moves.

Join us at Beastin Beauties Fit Studio for JamFit Kids and let your child experience the joy of dance, fitness, and fun. Whether they’re budding dancers or just looking for a new activity, JamFit Kids is the perfect place to get moving and grooving!

Sign Up Today! Limited spots are available, so don’t wait. Register now to secure your child’s spot in the most exciting dance fitness class around!